Well at the landfill

Sustainable environment solutions

Methane gas

Methane gas from landfill sites makes a significant contribution to the greenhouse effect. Hedeselskabet extracts the gas from the landfills which is burned and then used in energy production.

Through its activity Hedeselskabet prevents methane from seeping out into the atmosphere while limiting the greenhouse effect and thereby the global warming.
During the period 2007-2012 Hedeselskabet expects to reduce the emission of methane by an amount corresponding to 620.000 tonnes of CO2 (comparable to the annual emission of CO2 from around 15.000 Danish households).

Joint Implementation Project

A considerable part of this reduction is expected to be transferred to the Danish pool by a so-called Joint Implementation Project.

The aim of Joint Implementation mechanism, introduced by article 6 of the Kyoto Protocol, is to jointly undertake projects reducing greenhouse gases emissions among EU countries.

The JI mechanism is based on the differentiation between the needs and reduction costs between countries. The investor country (in our case it’s Denmark) reduces its reduction costs and obtains emission reduction units (ERUs), while the host country (Poland) gains from the newly introduced environmental technologies and achieves measurable emission reductions.

In 2008 Hedeselskabet was among the first companies being approved by both the Polish and Danish governments to act within the JI Project. It allowed the company to generate and sell Emission Reduction Units (ERUs) to Denmark.

In 2009 Hedeselskabet was the first company in Poland that sold the ERUs within the JI Project.